given them and feel that the all natural gives them the freedom to be who they’re, revealing

a take me as I ‘m perspective. “

The above mentioned subjects were selected by random. I didn’t have pnor
knowledge of their views on Social Nudism. Some of the topics were acquaintances,
while others were entire strangers. It’s worthy to notice that some folks declined to be
interviewed altogether. My interviews disclosed that none of my themes objected to the
Fkk lifestyle. All agreed that social nudism should be confined to designated areas such as
They also stressed that signs should be posted,
for the benefit of kids and non-nudists, advising the public that some beaches are
Clothes optional.
I found that my male subjects were more open to the subject of social nudism subsequently my
female issues.

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Some of the guys admitted, that although they would not be interested in
the naturist lifestyle, they wouldn’t have any hang ups about going naked in designated naked
Surroundings. All of my male subjects were exposed to nudism in a social environment,
Also, some of my male subjects readily acknowledged that they currently participate in societal
My female issues had less to say about the subject of social nudism. All my
Issues agreed that everyone should have the liberty to express themselves and that societal
nudism is fine if confined to designated places such as beaches and resorts. Unlike my man
Issues, not all of the girls had experienced social nudism. Interestingly to note is that
none of the females would ever contemplate engaging in this type of lifestyle, and all of them

Said that it was because of the uneasy feelings about their own bodies. Nevertheless,
this did not surprise me because as my research has suggested, the number one hindrance for
Girls engaging in social nudism is poor body image.
In an attempt to obtain modern views on social nudism I located my resources
to be quite limited. By interviewing several people I managed to gain a better understanding
of present day attitudes towards social nudism.

In My lovely wife and I and 6 other couples that are good friends have been going to the , I find that the theme of social nudism creates many attitudes and
opinions. This became obvious to me early on, when discussing the issue of social
Subject, revealing little reaction, while others were quite standoffish, showing great signs of
Humiliation. I later discovered that the individuals who were apparently more accepting of
this lifestyle had some fundamental knowledge pertaining to the tradition, and that some had traveled
to Europe, visiting the clothing optional beaches. The folks showing disfavor towards
Societal nudism acknowledged that they actually didn’t know much about the lifestyle, and could not
give me an explanation concerning why they feel as they do, leading me to believe that their views
towards nudism are being based on preconceived ideas formed earlier in their youth.
Although there are several components affecting social nudism, one cannot suppose
that these elements are only responsible for each people views. During the course of
our lives we see many individuals and experiences which contnbute to our knowledge in
life thus modifying our old beliefs from youth. Often times, our first spiritual
teachings leads to our perspectives regarding nudism and the nude human body,
humans. Being Catholic, I can say that I ‘ve had my share of I first realized I appreciated and loved practicing nudism some years ago. regarding, sin,
Remorse, and shame. I can remember, throughout my childhood and teen years, going to
confession each week in an effort to free my conscience from guilt and what I believed at
the time were sins.

can really laugh about some of my reasons feeling the need to admit. Yet, negative
Approaches about the naked human body still exist today as a result of some religious teachings.
For example, in most faiths, premarital sex still carries the stigma of being “incorrect, and
Filthy” resulting in shame and remorse for many people deciding to cross over borders by
engaging in the action. The message being conveyed here is that nudity and sex go hand and
hand, and is something to be ashamed of, while ignoring the positive emotional and spiritual
Most novices to nudism have
experienced the same ignominious effects that faith has cast upon a vast majority of us.
Nevertheless, by exploring the issue of social nudism a number of people find they develop

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