A few years back, after graduating high school, we went on a graduation trip to St. Martin

, an island in the Caribbean.

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On the second day, we decided to walk the whole lenght of the shore and go check out the nude section and see what all the hoopla was about. Once we arrived at the Orient Club, which is the nudist section essentially, a man from our group indicate that we go in and do as the others, without clothes!! After several laughs and http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php , my buddy takes off his swim trunks and 1 minute after, everybody is nude as a worm. Now, not getting an erection was the huge challenge here, since the girls were fairly hot naked and having some of them compliment me on my cock just made things worst! lol I tried to consider pain, 98yo nude girls, a pitbull in addition to my last trip to the dentist. It kinda worked until we all decided to lay down on some towels.
Seeing the girls bending over was just too much so I decided to go take a swim in the ocean. They shortly all followed me. Subsequently after some time, we got out and thankfuly, after spending some time concentrating hard on other matters, I was limp again. Kind Of. But now my buddy, who will remain nameless , was hard and didnt want to depart the water!! lol Nobody needed to help him out with a towel so he had to come out, rather embarrassed!
Laughing, but knowing I could be next, I had the great notion of telling them that since the sun is really powerful perhaps we should cover up before we get sunbruns in certain unsuitable places! So that was my nudist experience!

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