I believe I Have been couped up overly long this winter.

All I can think about now that the weather is warmer is becoming outside. Since my last experience, I started thinking more about how quiet it’s around here at 2 am. I’ve worked shift work before and I know that there could be others awake at 2 am since they might have just got home from work. Not needing to get found but loving the outdoors…at least until I can get to Gunnison or when MARNA starts http://0371sex.com … I need to do what I can. Well…there’s this park that is part of the apartment complex…it is about a 1/2 mile walk…and before you ask… I did not try to walk it in the nude. Remember…this topic is about brave…not ignorant. I ‘d checked it out a couple of days ago and a few of the lights are out, so there are a couple of spots of dark area…so I thought, why not? This time I actually set my alarm last night for 2 am (must be insane), got dressed and walked to the park. One of many dark spaces was around the swing set, jungle jim etc… No flats close by, great visibility of seeing anyone approaching on foot or by car because they’d have to be in the lighted spaces first. Saw no one about so I stripped down. A little cool and windy last night, but it felt great to be outside in the nude. Since I just needed to be outside for about a 1/2 hour…after all I want my beauty sleep. I could just enjoy for about 5 min. or so as it took me about 10 min. to walk the distance to the park. There was more to research, so I am really thinking of going back tonight…but driving over (clothed), and that would give me about 20 min. at the park…and it is a warmer nighttime and less windy. Iwill be a tired puppy tomorrow…but I Will inform you the way that it goes.

My first time with any sort of “genuine” nudity was hanging out at my

grandparents’ house wearing only a towel on a weekend when the sole clothing we brought along were being washed. My brother and I were goofing around and sitting on the front stairs of their rather large house (a Ohio farmhouse with several additions over an equivalent number of years), and I definitely recall discovering how “cool” it felt when the breeze blew under my towel.
Hmmm, what is this strange and amazing sensation?

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Years later I recall going back to my room to change into pajamas and instead returning to the living room wrapped just in a soft comforter. My parents were both still awake and I joined them by returning to sitting in a rocking chair we had at the time. I felt as “sneaky” as could be and as if I was getting away with something even by being nude underneath the comforter.
All these early experiences led up to a desire to being MORE naked, more commonly in more manners; ways I had just barely started to imagine. So, in my middle teens I purchased some trade paperbacks on nudism from a wholesale book publisher and these really and actually enlarged my understanding of the potentials for going naked socially!!! Before I even tried it I had this notion that I would “love” it more than anything else I ‘d done in life, and that this new found preconception would take me past any sort of bookings or nervousness I might have about undressing.
http://nudism.name grinning folks of all ages in my books appeared so sincere and joyful that I really questioned what I had been missing out on for years! My entire life up to then judging by the ages of http://videonudism.com/amateur/family-photo-nudism.php in these photos, and I felt like this was a part of life being actively “hidden” from me! I do not believe a brief skinny-dip with my brother and a friend really counted, although it was fun and we also did some nude experimentation in sleeping over at the buddy’s house on weekends; nothing more than curious exploration of possibilities for NOT wearing garments.
White Tail Park (subsequently, “Resort” now) was my first organized societal introduction and it couldn’t have been a better time! This was in the late 1980’s, Springtime and on a well attended weekend with RVs, campers, day visitors and permanent residents all present. It was an encounter equalling my readings, imagination and expectations and so I was fortunate for such a great introduction.

When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the house

and loved the feeling of being naked.
There were times once I went out in to the back yard and that feeling of the atmosphere all over my body was, and still is, indescrible. During my teen years I wasn’t a recluse in my love of naturism and would not be afraid to acknowledge to my love of being bare. Consistently in the context of the dialog, I never shoved it in peoples faces so to speak, but if the dialogue had a leaning toward skinny dipping or the like I would say that I have no problem joining in or taking part.
Right up to the day I got married I ‘d not experienced social nudity like in a club or seashore. Of course my wife knew of my love of being bare but at that time did not join me in my bare time. It was in the 2nd year of union that we wnt on a camping holiday to Europe with friends. We travelled through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. On the return trip we stopped for a couple of nights on the Isle of Sylt which is only off Germany near the boarder with Denmark. My wife was there when she was quite modest as her family was stationed there with the RAF. There’s been nude beaches on Sylt for years.
When we had set up the tent our friends went off into the town and I asked the wife if she desired to check out the beach. To this she agreed. It was just the different side of the road from where http://nudists-young.org had camped so off we went. We walked through the dunes and came out on to an excellent beach where everybody were nude. The wife looked at me and grinned saying go on afterward I understand you would like to join in. So I did!!!

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This was my first time nude in a social setting and it felt marvelous to be nude with others who loved the same feeling I did.
We sat down on the shore and just relaxed for some time. The wife at this point was still textile. I’m not one for sitting around for long spans and went for a walk along the waters edge. I’d like to add at this point that whilst we’d been in Sweden I had sunbathed naked on a couple of occasions when we were in the dunes by http://antinude.com and the wife had gone topless. On returning from my walk I seen a sight that’ll remain with me forever, my wife was lying on her back fully naked. This was such a wonderful sight that I have to admit it gave me my first erection on a nude beach. I did spend at least the next five minutes lying on my front in the sand.
She said that she had felt the odd one out with others naked around her so she joined in. When we decided we better walk back to the tent we simply picked up our clothes and walked as far as we dare before putting them back on to cross the dunes and also the road back to the camp site. On the walk back she told me that she now understood why I liked being nude as the feeling was out of this world and we made arrangements to spend more time on the shore the following day which was the last before the long drive home.
When we got back to the tent our buddy were back from town and asked us where we’d been so we told them we had been to have a look at the nude beach. They inquired what it was like and if there were many people there. We responded by saying there were two more when we got there… you should have seen there faces.
From that day forth we have loved a nudist lifestyle and not hidden the fact we’re nudists from friends or family. That was 37 years ago this summer. Some of the family still believe we are wierd but who cares… we don’t.
Propagate the word.. Bare is finest. Bob..

Or maybe Clothed in Nude business might better describe this incident.

I was at Cypress Cove about 6 years past, relaxing in front of the Massage office by the principal pool.

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It was after in the day, midweek, just about five or six folks around the pool. A part of the staff came through, nude as I recall, as were all of the patrons by the pool. With him were what appeared to be four college aged pupils, all clothed. In listening to his dialogue with them, it was obvious that they were conducting research for a project or report, apparently about nudism or nudist resorts.

They worked their way round the pool area, occasionally taking pictures of the buildings and signage – the Clubhouse, Cheeks, the Gift Shop. Eventually they got to our side of the pool where view and a couple were lounging in front of the Massage office. The staff associate promised us that we didn’t need to move, the students would manage to get the photographs they desired, and we would absolutely not be in the shot.

There were two women and two guys in the group. And http://wnude.com/nude-beach.html was very easy to tell that the guys were incredibly uncomfortable being there. The girls seemed a little more self assured and didn’t appear as uncomfortable. They didn’t linger, but shot a few pictures of the sign behind us and then left.

In this case, the clothed people were a bit out of sorts round the nude people. Just a bit curious, a different spin on this particular matter.

My first time storyline is a bit unique, at least in some manners.

I’m 37, and 7 years back I was leaving my job, and went to Happy Hour with some coworkers. By the end of the evening, it was down to me, Ron and Shelly, both of whom I worked with.
We were talking about all kinds of things, and somehow it came up that they both sleep nude. They inquired if I did, and I said yes I did, while I didn’t. I do not know why I said that – I think I did not want to seem game. I stayed in touch with both of those two, we were all close friends. 3 years after that, I moved in with my b/f, and I was telling Ron in an email that the bedroom was freezing. He replied back “I reckon you can’t sleep nude anymore afterward”. I’d forgotten all about that whole Happy Hour discussion, and I could not believe he remebered! I said something like “Yes, too chilly in my new position”, at least understand I was being truthful. 2 years ago, I broke up with that b/f, and was quite depressed. In an email attempting to cheer me up, Ron said (among other things), “Now you can sleep bare again”. Once again, I could not believe he was still talking about it.
I found myself really happy that a man was thinking of my body – not that I had feelings for Ron, nor he for me, it merely being alone and sad, it was nice that a male was talking about my body. I actually wanted to keep the bare discussions going, so I started making up stories about being naked around my flat. It was interesting to discuss, but strangely, I was not really doing any of it. Finally, I did start to sleep nude, and adored the feeling once I woke up, and had sheets touching every element of my body. I got real curious what it’d be like to be nude around others.

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I found a place that held monthly pool parties in the nude. I was exceptionally nervous at first, but they promised me that what ever state of dress I felt finest with was fine. as soon as I got there, I chose to keep my suit on at first. I chatted with some people, and it felt very comfortable. In certain ways, I felt dense being dressed. Then low and behold who do I see, but my old pal Shelly from that famous Happy Hour. I’ll never forget it, http://x-nudism.com was totally nude and had a big smile. She looked so beautiful, so joyful, so uninhibited – she was everything I was hpoing to be. It was so distinct seeing someone from my “regular” world bare.
At that stage, I was overcome with a desire to reveal my body, so off went the suit, and I ‘d the best time of my own life! Everyone was so open and entertaining, and I loved the feel of being bare and free. Shelly presented me to some people she knew, we all had an excellent time. Since then I’ve been a regular at those pool parties and other nude events. It gave http://b-boyz.com to work out more, and get toned up. I am in the very best shape of my entire life, am closer to Shelly then ever, and even found a distinguished man. And it was all because I was frightened to say I slept with my clothes on 7 years ago :).

My initial visit to a club was when I was still married to my first wife. I learned of a club near where we lived, so I contacted it and received an invitation to visit.

My wife was a little reluctant and agree to go only if she had the option of not undressing if she did not believe it was right. http://voy-zone.com concurred.
When we arrived at the club, it was unsatisfactory, to say the least. It was little more than a few senior mobile homes scattered around in a wooded area. Worst of all, there were only five persons there, and they were all males! Three adult men and two adolescent boys!
They were nude, and greeted us warmly and invited us to “get comfortable”, which I’ve come to recognize is Nudist-Speak for “take your clothes off_. I did undress, but my wife didn’t. The guys promised us they were anticipating some “families”, and that would mean girls, naturally, so we stayed and waited.
But when no others arrived, my wife was getting fidgety and believed most uncomfortable being fully clothed with six nude males, so we were preparing to leave. I did go down to the pool, which was no more than a stock-watering tank and needed to cool off before leaving. Since the others were quite a ways away, my wife got her courage up and immediately stripped-off her clothes and joined me.

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While we were in the water, both lads came by and were obviusly interested by the fact my wife was now bare.
When we got out of the water, I told my wife I’d meet her at the vehicle after telling http://beach-patrol.biz were leaving. To my surprise, she went with me and was nude before these other men for several minutes before we did leave.
The men were experienced nudists and did not stare at her, but the lads were less able to conceal their interest in taking a look at her, but to her credit, she handled it very well.
Sadly, that was our only visit to a nudist club together because we went from that area soon afterward. I wonder whether any others have had similar experiences.

I Met My Future Husband on a Nude Beach It all started when I went to spend my holidays in Bulgaria with my friend Emily

and her husband Bill. It was the third year running that we spent our holidays in Nesebre and that year we chose to continue with this particular well established custom.
We put up in a small but comfortable hotel and that very day we were all prepared to relish the beachfront atmosphere and sunlight. The days were flying rapidly as it’s the common way the days pass when one is having holidays and one of these days we chose to alter the typical way in which http://videonudism.com/amateur were spending our time, so we hit it off and made it to the nude beach in which Nesebr was quite ample. Here I ought to say that we planned seeing one of the nude beaches of Nesebr before really going there. The fact was that we had seen some of them during our previous stays in Bulgaria before. Plus back at home we saw a TV reportage about nudists which made us steadfastly choose sunbathing nude during our next vacation. Back then this experience looked something as exotic as a hang glider tour or parachute jump for us. But it happened so that my friend Emily and I were the ones to put forward the thought and Bill was the one to put up with our whims, so it was scarcely an enjoyable experience for him.
And so we went to the nude beach, Emily, Bill who was still sulky, and me, all keen to impress all the bare beachers with my feeling at ease while sunbathing naked and hoping that my body was also rather impressive. When grannie fucks on beach got to the beach of one of the hotels we saw many German folks that are known fans of bare beaching and suddenly felt something like retarded cowardice. Of course we didn’t feel like individuals there were dangerous in some way, but we certainly believed that the pangs of conscience and chastity restraints were still strong in us. Overall, dreaming of a nude beach with your friend while sipping coffee in her kitchen was one thing, and the final getting to this very shore was quite another. And the very instant when we were ready to turn our backs on the seashore Invoice called us faint-hearted cowards which stimulated the flow of feministic fluids in us that made us ten times bolder and determined.

When we eventually picked a quite deserted spot on the seashore and stripped to the skin this provoker Bill was the one to wear swimming trunks. The very first half an hour we were still under belief of our own nerve, but having noticed that if our act of braveness had not passed undetected it had certainly been underestimated, we decided to turn to something more provocative. There was a group of beachers playing volleyball at a space, and presently we chose to join them. Bill who was certainly the laziest member of our business was left behind. Perhaps I should mention that it was my first-time-ever volleyball play, and even when I managed to hit the ball it followed such unexpected trajectories the only face I felt worth wearing was that of an A class volleyball player who’d little inclination to minding the evaluation of such lame volleyball amateurs. We had been appreciating our efforts to dodge the ball by jumping and stamping the sand for some quarter of an hour before I tool Emily aside to share the beliefs.
Emily was flushed and wore a bright grin on her face; she’d managed to discuss her emotions about the hole encounter by the time I was about to express my solidarity with her, but the following instant I felt something hit me quite painfully on the rear of my head; after that the notion which had almost formed itself in my thoughts had gone somewhat clouded and confused and somehow lost its topicality. It was a ball accidentally thrown by a volleyball player that hit me on the back of my thinking head. All in all, I was not put in much pain and had it not been for the singularity of the situation I ‘d have laughed at it. But the scenario was far too uncommon, so I thought the better of it and made a completely theatrical scene out of it. I rolled up my eyes and leaned on my buddy for everyone to see that I was suffering the deepest anguish that threatened to further grow into a loss of consciousness. I was definitely a success while playing my role of an innocent sufferer as my friend suggested me sitting down, beckoning Bill at exactly the same time. However, the culprit of the accidental collision of the ball and my styled hair was the first to arrive. I should say that the terrorist seemed fairly attractive even to my rather fine taste.
He must have thought that we were from the States by Emily’s animated exclamations he attempted to smooth the situation around in his broken English striving now to say he was sorry and now to tell some embarrassing jokes. In a word, the first favorable impression he made on me was now backed by his humiliation and I started revealing the first feeble indications of life. As we very soon got to know, Gunter, the young man who was our new friend, spoke English a bit for he worked in NYC in one of his company’s affiliates. He was feeling quite uncomfortable with the entire situation really, and after numerous formalities appropriate in such instances he left the scene, all in sackcloth and ashes after he discovered that I was perfectly safe.
Following this accident the occasions grown in accordance using a scenario of a joyful holiday time love affair. In the morning I found a bouquet of flowers on the windowsill of my hotel room and then… but this is quite another story that has little to do with nudism. The only drawback of the story is the fact that now when our friends ask us where we first met we need to say something laconic like – well, we met on the seashore. After all, who wants those zesty details?