When I was like 18 I had started seeing this girl who lived in an apt with her mom. After dinner plus

a film we headed back to her area and we walked into the living room simply to find her naked mom sleeping on the couch. She had thought that her mom would still be at work only to discover that Mother only worked a half shift that day, had come home, stripped naked, had a few glasses of wine and fallen asleep watching TV. She gets up drunk and disoriented from slumber and just matter of factly introduces herself to me. I am figuring that since it’s just her and the daughter living there nudity may be great between them but she probably isn’t OK with some unexpected boy seeing her nude and might flip out once https://nudist18.com wakes up a bit more and recognizes that she’s nude. I begin attempting to develop an interest in taking a look at the wall next to me and apologize to her while my date says “she doesn’t care” and starts laughing at me. Turns out they were nudists; at the time I ‘d never been to a nudist place or been nude infront of many individuals whatsoever. After that we ended up all being naked at their inclined a lot.

Another time I was at home in the afternoon and my roommates were both on the job. I made the decision to clean my bathroom and take a shower. I always clean the bathroom nude so I do not have to worry about getting water or cleaning compounds on my clothing. I proceed to the kitchen to get the mop and bucket and on the way back I come round the corner only to be http://peenudist.com to face with my roommate’s GF, who’d stayed over the prior night and had been in his room. We both apologized, thinking that we may have offended the other and fast laughed about it when we understood that she wasn’t offended by my nudity and I was not offended by her having viewed mine.

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I have been attending clothing-optional pagan assemblies for

several years. While a couple of individuals go naked all the time (and practically everyone skinny dips in the pool), along with a sizable minority of girls go topless, most of the people stay completely dressed. While nudity is accepted at these occasions, the few full-time nudists undoubtedly stand out as a tiny minority.

Now, I Have always loved being bare. I have been been a secret naturist since I was a child, a home nudist since faculty, and a societal nudist for about 5 years now. I have gone on nude hikes and canoes excursions with my nudist club, where http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-photos.html have struck fabrics. And I Have been going to pagan gatherings for 20 years, and have always skinny dipped in the pool. I’m totally comfortable being naked among fabrics now – so long as their are other nudists with me.

But it took me a long time before I became daring enough to go skyclad all the time at pagan gatherings.

That’s because when I do, I’m often the sole individual naked in my local vicinity.

Even now, after many years of going skyclad as much as weather permits, I still need to work up some boldness to do it when 95% of the folks around me are wearing something. It is totally distinct from the feeling of naturalness in being bare at at nudist club. There is a definite feeling of being the odd one out, of being exposed, of anxiety that people may respond negatively.

Actually, I Have only had negative reactions once – from pagans who came from another country where clothing are definitely NOT optional, even at pagan events. Everyone else has always been taking. Many individuals never seem to even notice that I am nude (though I know they do) – and the few that do mention it are always positive. (Though occasionally jokingly. When I came out of the non-CO dining hall once and didn’t take off my pareo instantaneously, one friend asked if I was ok or not ).

When I go skyclad at assemblies, I instantly become comfortable about being bare among textiles. But I’m constantly aware that I’m in a very little -and highly visible! – http://crazypublic.com . I still have work up some boldness before venturing nude in the crowds – just like I used to have to do before walking onstage in front of a huge crowd.

Nonetheless, I work up that boldness, if only as a point of honor. I am one of the few actively nudist pagans at my local gatherings, and I wish to provide moral support for other people that may want to try it too – but like me, do not want to be alone.

Several years ago, I observed the few always-skyclad pagans at assemblies, and wished I was courageous enough to join them.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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It took many years, but finally, I did. I think that I ‘d be neglecting them if I didn’t continue their tradition.

And maybe, with luck, I’ll inspire others to become nudists, just as they inspired me.

My first experience as a nudistMy name is Elizabeth and

I needed to share my first nudist encounter
with all the world and I thought this may be the very best place to do that. I liked to share not just my story with you, but my first bare image which was ever shot by someone else, outside. However, the image is just half the story and while I’m sure you will adore the photograph (how’s that for modesty?), I believe that many of you will also want to discover how a girl like me, a shy girl which has never done anything crazy in her life, decided to take it all off and show the world her entire bod.
I was raised in a family that could perhaps best be described as an extremely conservative one. It is not like we are some religious addicts or anything like that, but my parents both came from fairly traditional families and they raised us like that as well. There was never talk about sex in our house, there was never talk of nudity, there was no HBO, items like that. This resulted in me becoming rather self-conscious and rather to myself from the very beginning. It’s not like I was a nun or anything like that, but flashing my boobs once I got drunk and things like that was never my thing. On the other hand, almost all of my pals were discontinue like that; the marvels of growing up in the 21st century, I guess.
This past year, we went on a holiday to Mexico, just like we did every year. We have been checking out all the most popular places in Mexico for a couple of http://voy-zone.com and we had great time every year. This year, we went to a place we have not been to before and it was the very best year yet, for them because they could get drunk constantly and for me because I’ve discovered how amazing it’s to swim and sunbathe in the nude.
Specifically, due to the very fact that I never could or wanted to drink as much as my pals, I always had the mornings to myself, mornings that I ‘d normally spend on a beach, reading a novel and relaxing like I never could when they were around. And this day, I overheard a fine Swedish couple from our resort discussing going to a nudist beach nearby. They were in their forties and still fairly attractive, her in particular. And then I did something I ‘d never done before. I approached them in the reception and asked them if I could hitch a ride with them. They were happy to help and we were there in less than half an hour.
It was the first time I went to a nudist beach and I actually felt like fish out of water in the beginning. All those nude people, so ignorant of the reality that they are naked, it was something else. The Swedish couple was likewise naked as soon as they reached the beach. She seemed great.

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That is when I decided that I got nothing to be ashamed of and I took off my clothing as well. I never thought something easy like that can be so liberating. I felt like a whole new person just by taking off my bikini. The fine Swedish lady complimented me on my body and she recognized a first timer at the same time. She explained that I’ll want a photograph of myself naked on a beach for the very first time and she wasn’t wrong. It is this picture.
Being bare was just so great. In the beginning, you think like everyone is looking at you, but you soon realize this isn’t the case. You’re yourself, you’re free and you are feeling things you never had before. I really could feel sunlight on my flesh like never before and the cool water and the breeze. I felt so naughty and so alluring like I ‘d never felt before. It was more than great, it was life-changing. I’ll never forget my first time and now I got a photograph to go with it. I am hoping you enjoy it.

I became a nudist in an extremely indirect way I was planning my forthcoming summer holidays

and was attempting to determine between Byron Bay and Port Stephens and was discussing the two choices using several work collegues and eventually my supervisor. He explained he’d be holidaying in Port Stephens and was full of recommendations so I continued my research and found that Byron Bay was going to be too expensive and continued the discussions with my boss about Port Stephens.
He explained http://nudist-photo.com would be spending most of his time at Samurai Beach, and that it had good surf along with an extremely friendly crowd. So on this advice I studied Samurai Beach and discovered it was a legal clothing optional beach.
I eventually booked some accommodation and when I told him this I said, So, Ill manage to go to the nude beach with you as well as your own family, wont I.
He closed his office door and we had a long conversion about naturism, and that this was not a matter for general distribution at work. He also surprised me by encouraging me and a friend to travel with his family Samurai Beach prior to the summer holidays and see if naturism was for me.
After a conversation with my best friend, we agreed this was a great idea and have set a date for early November.
But my first time came a lot faster than that. Two days later my manager and I were assigned to spend two weeks working in New Caledonia and could fit in a day or two on the beach or out on an associate’s boat investigating the atolls and cays offshore from Noumea.
The day we arrived we went to the beach at Anse Vata on the border of the capital city of Noumea. I ‘d not expected to spend any time on the seashore in order that afternoon I began on the seashore in a set of gym shorts and top. After fifteen minutes, I realised that I was out of place with that amount of clothing on as it seemed every woman on the shore was wearing no more than a thong even the 14 and 15 yo girls.
So I stripped down to just the thong I was wearing under my short pants it seemed strange wearing so little in front of my supervisor (he was wearing his Speedos) but he appeared to not even detect, which really made me more comfortable.
That was the Sunday and we worked solidly until the following Friday which we’d away in preparation to work the weekend. As I said he’d arranged for the two of us to borrow a boat and do some quest so at 8:30 we left from Port Moselle in a 24 foot half cabin runabout and headed for Ilt Laregnere.
When we’d cleared the marina he was down to his Speedos, and suggested that I could strip down if I desired. I told him if he desired to go naked, I didnt mind so as we cleared the harbour and passed the last house he was naked in the wheel and I was wearing just my thong. We sailed on for an hour before we pulled up in the leeward of a gorgeous white sand island inside a coral lagoon.
As my supervisor set the anchor I decided it was now or never and I slipped out of my thong. Besides the two of us there wasn’t another soul to be seen we spent the morning snorkelling (naked), sunbaking (nude), eating (bare). I dont now why but the feeling of the water along with the sun on my body was so distinct exhilarating than it’d been a few days earlier when I was wearing just a bit more.
Just after eleven another boat arrived and dropped four couples and six teen children at the beach before the boat vanished, presumably back to Noumea. After they’d set up camp of a few umbrellas and towels on the sand, the adults stripped off entirely – soon followed by the teenagers. I was astounded to see teen boys and girls naked in front of each other, and in front of their parents, and mentioned this to my manager.
We then had a long talk about naturism and the way that it crosses all age groups and after all I was only a couple of years older than http://atnudebeach.com . Then he proposed we should swim in and say hello and have a chat. This looked like a big step to be nude in front of strangers but he convinced me into the water and onto the shore.
After a string of Bonjours and apologies for poor French we immediately fell into conversation and were offered drinks and an invitation to remain for lunch. We bought the boat into the shallows and spent the remainder of the day with our new buddies.
All up we spent seven hours naked that day and I believe it was one of the very satisfying days of my life.

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I was very surprised by the generosity and friendliness of the folks and also the simple with which the children interacted. I found the youngest was 13 and the eldest 18 but there was a constant rapport among them. It was obvious that naturism was worth exploring.

Scene – October, early evening, sun just going down and about 70 degree’s. Me (Fool #1) the recently

discovered nudist notices the timer driven outdoor lights did not go on because I ‘d forgotten to reset it.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Hmm, timer is outside in front of the house in a surburban neighborhood, no fences everywhere and I live in a cul de sac. Hmmmmmmm, quick look, no one around…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…neighbors right next to me are gone, neighbors across the way live in their back yard, as well as the other neighbors we don’t speak to…heck with it. It’s right outside the door, NO ONE is around I Will just step outside real quickly, change the timer and no damage done right? Right.

Open door, step though, close door because interior lights are on and I do not want to supply a comprehensive shadow to my clueless(about my lifestyle anyway) neighbors. http://shynudists.com , lights will pop on in 5 min. Amazing. Open the door…jiggle handle…jiggle handle furiously…invent swear words while feelings of overexposure place in.

Fast look around while trying to recall if we actually bought the spare key and had the presence of mind to set in exterior someplace for similar, but clothed crises. NOPE! Still on http://tetyk.com . Fantastic. Fast mental review of open doors…back door, open…no fence surban setting, (did I mention I resided on the corner of the cul-de-sac?) to far to walk, garage car door closed but for some reason, walk thru is broken open.

The garage door is open. Brilliant. I’ll simply quicly walk over that way and AS I TURN AROUND, my next door neighbors drive right up in the van AND my neighbors across the way who live in their own back yard walk by on the sidewalk by using their dog.

Excellent. “Um….hi?” said while doing my best run while not running into the open garage.

Nobility isn’t a birthright, it is identified by one’s actions.

Several years ago, when I was just starting to

explore social nudism, I was travelling across the state for a meeting or something. My route took me quite close to a nudist resort that I’d needed to visit. So I called ahead and arranged for a tour. I pulled off the principal highway, and down the ever increasingly smaller road. I wasn’t wearing much to start with, and pulled off the rest about half way down the small road. Finally I reached the entrance, and pulled in to a parking space in front of the office.

Since this was a nudist resort, I saw no requirement for clothes, and got out of the vehicle, and walked into the office fully bare. I walked in to find the guy supporting the desk was clothed, along with the two couples in line ahead of me. http://mon-blog-gay.net felt truly NEKKID! He concluded with the first couple and we smiled at each other as they departed. The man asked if I was the one there for the tour. He said there would be someone here shortly. I was a bit nervous, but no one seemed to care that I was naked.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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A few seconds later, I heard something outside the door, and turned to look. In walked a family of five. Husband and wife, with their three children two boys and also a girl that were between 18 and read . All five of them were fully bare and barefoot only like me. It made me feel a good deal better. My tour guide showed up shortly after that, and we were gone.

It turned out to be a strange experience, but I recall it well.

My history without clothing has been long but rather irregular.

As I read in this newsgroup, there are many who’ve been comfortable with nudity since youth.
That was definitely not possible for me in the quite traditional dwelling in which I was raised. I do recall quite vividly my first experience. When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. http://nudiststeen.com was a lovely morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and found a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothes and ran naked through the woods. It turned out to be a amazing feeling! Regrettably, it wasn’t an encounter I could repeat readily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I ‘d to be met wearing brief panties and I’d occasionally lie on a towel in the yard.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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My mother was not thrilled, but didn’t say too much. Some years after, I was married and I recall with great fondness a time when my young bride and I walked nude in a field. It was a fantastic feeling of independence, but not one which has been repeated frequently. Over the years, I’ve seen Wreck Beach when I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people very receptive and taking. Unlike many I ‘ve read around in this forum, I did not have any hesitation about taking off my clothes with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I recall once lying across a log from a young woman and a few young men who were having a dialog.
They were completely standard in the things they discussed although they and I were nude. I believed what a great awareness of self confidence each man showed, particularly the young woman. Perhaps that is what lots of individuals lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they are clothed. My children are grown now so my wife is a whole lot more accepting of my being naked around the house and in the yard. She grins at me and recognizes that when I’ve been able to lie in the sun nude for an hour or so, I’m so much more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I’m all for it”. This implies that it is o.k. for me to be naked and have http://nudistsmovies.com .
She does not especially share my enthusiasm. For those of you who are easily able to be naked and free at home, the beach or the club, appreciate that freedom. Not all individuals can experience that degree of freedom and enjoy being comfortable in their particular skin, whether they are nude alone or with others.

I’m Geoff from Australia. I’m 47 now, but, like you, realised that I was a nudist once I was in my early teens.

I shared a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers, sleeping in the very best bunk of a bunk bed. Our house was very modest. I recall bathing with one of my brothers, Garry, right up to my early teens. My youngest brother, Ian, and sister Julie, who was younger still, additionally bathed together. At all other times, though, we wore clothing, though in the hot Aussie summers, it was frequently only short pants and undies. My sister always wore a top too. None of my family were nudists, and my mum was from a strict Catholic history. I’ve never seen her nude.
I do remember all of us lads and dad showering nude in the dressing sheds at the shore, and how frequently there were men sunbaking bare in the open courtyard at the center of the dressing pavillion. I didn’t think anything was wrong with that. When I was 12, I was at high school and my class went to the shore for an trip. It was an all boys school. I remember one of my classmates (his name was Geoff too!) taking off his swimmers and skinny-dipping in a stone pool. I wasn’t quite game enough to do that, but I did have a very strong desire to swim naked.
While I didn’t swim bare, I did sleep nude. I’d wear pyjamas to bed, then take them off. They constantly appeared worn because I’d shove them down under the covers. I was never comfortable if I had to sleep in pyjamas.
I did not understand anything about nudism, and wondered whether I was strange or something, but I began to go nude at home when everyone else was out. I almost got caught bare by an elderly man who used to see us frequently. I had really gone out the back door nude (it was early evening), and I had to dart back in fast, close the door, and act like no-one was home!
Another thing I did was to go to bed later than anyone else. It became my job to lock up the back door during the night prior to going to bed. I used this as the opportunity to be bare, even in the middle of winter. I loved being bare under the stars! Sometimes, I Had walk or run round the block nude (I’d have been about 15-17 when I did this). It was a little daring, going by the houses of all neighbours who understood me so well, with not a stitch on! The last stretch of the run was down the main road and round the corner into our street, and once I recall the driver of a car coming up the main road honking at me! That was a real rush – someone had seen me! I’d never had the courage (unlike other young people whose stories are on this website) to tell my parents I wanted to go naked. At the conclusion of my final year of high school, I turned 18 and went on a excursion for about 10 days with some of my school mates and one of our teachers. We camped in the grounds of the neighborhood Catholic primary school and there were a number of beaches nearby. One night, wearing just a pair of Speedo swimmers, I went out by myself to one of the shores. I quickly took them away, and ran into the water bare.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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It was amazing! I chose to remain nude after completing my swim, and walked up from the seashore to the nearby road. It was probably about 11pm, so I thought I’d go for a jog in the nude. I determined to put my swimmers down in a place I Had recall, so I really could chicken out. It was such a buzz! Would you consider I accidentally jogged past read in the nude? Again, a few auto drivers honked, but streakers were pretty common then!
I first went naked in front of others of my age at a nude beach when going to http://0371sex.com , and that was usually a very positive experience. It was likewise amazing to see that there were girls who appreciated being bare too!

MI imagine I Will do my first posting here since it asks about another first time thing. Okay

, I am Nathalie and my first ever time going really nude with others about was two years past when I was in high school. Four classmates and I went out to this little lake on one of the boy’s grandmother’s farm to really go swimming during the summer (obviously). All 3 of us girls had swimsuits under our shorts and tops so it did not start out to be a skinny-dipping excursion, just a spot to swim.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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The two guys had cutoff jeans shorts and tshirts and they were planning to swim like that (minus the tops). Anyway, after we were there for awhile we really liked it because nobody was around and it was like a private little lake on private property. One of the boys was joking and said he should have brought some cards so we could play strip poker and one of the other girls said you do not need cards to play strip poker, you can do Rock/paper/scissors and the loser has to take something off each time. The winner can challenge anyone they want to. The more they talked about it the more they acted like they were actually going to do it. I was the quietest because I was probably most shy of the whole bunch and also I was self conscious about myself to the point I even feared taking showers in gym class in front of other girls.
They finally decided that one boy and one girl (fortunately not me at first) would do the stone/paper/scissors thing and we had play until somebody lost all their clothing. It couldn’t take long for SOMEONE to lose because I figured the girls are all wearing a two piece swimsuit and the guys either had one or two pieces of clothes on, I did not know if they were wearing pants or not.
Anyway, to dash it up, the lad lost the very first round but when he took off his shorts he still had undershorts on. So the girl challenged http://x-nudism.com to try and get him fully nude but he won the second time so she had to take off her top, and so it went. Each time something came off it was thrown up on the rock at the edge of the lake so it wouldn’t get lost in the water. The humorous part was everyone was standing in water pretty much up to their chest so the guys were pretty well hidden when they got http://nudistsass.com and also the girls just kind of bent their knees enough to keep the water level higher than their breasts when they got their tops off. Everyone continued to play until everyone was naked and I really felt pretty giddy about it and truly liked how it felt to be outside with absolutely nothing on.
The swimming and horsing around was pleasure and also the more we were there the less everyone attempted to hide under the water. By the time we needed to get out of the water and leave, all five of us were standing nude up on the stone together retrieving our swimsuits and shirts without making any attempt to cover ourselves with our hands.
It was fairly unusual to me to understand that I felt LESS self-conscious standing with 2 guys and 2 other ladies absolutely nude on that rock than I did in the school shower with girls in my gym class.
Since I was 17 then I did not get a chance to go bare in public again until I’d graduated from high school and started in college. On Spring Break nine of us went to St. Martin and spent 5 days at Orient Beach last year and that was the most fun yet!
If nothing else, I’ve learned that a tall, pale, lanky red headed lady doesn’t look any worse nude than I do in a swimsuit, so why bother to wear one? I hope this posting is ok with everyone and I am not breaking any rules or whatever. THANKS!

I got a friend Tasha whom Ive known since my school days. I am very much fond of her

, for in my opinion she’s everything I lack -shes considerably hotter than me to begin with, and then she’s an adventurer. She has this run in her, always being on top of the planet. So it doesnt come as a major surprise that shes always surrounded by a bunch of admirers. But I can say that being her friend for so many years must have rubbed off on me by now -this camaraderie altered me in a good way, and now I am more open to new opportunities. I let myself go from time to time, saying yes to most ridiculous things -like that film with Jim Carrey, in case you know what Im talking about.
So this one time me and Tasha we were spending a weekend by the riverside. Tasha called me a night before and informed me that a group of her buddies from squash courses she’d recently taken to were inviting her to join them in their field trip. She was not participating in the contest, being a novice, but she was very much welcome to come along and bring her plus one.
The majority of the day we’d be left to our own resources. Wed go out and have a light brekkie, then go to a shore and spend the rest of the day there while Tashas friends were occupied at the assemblies. In the evening they’d join us on the beach and later in the day wed hit a nightclub.
We were having as much fun as we possibly could for the initial two days, and then, all of a sudden, Tasha came up with one of her fads, and this time it was about going stark naked on a public beach. She wasn’t cool enough, you wee, with sunbathing topless a lot of the day, which already had made us a couple of the most popular bathers on the beach.
I understood that with Tasha it was no sooner said than done, and so I brazed myself and place my head on making it to the end of the day regardless of what, thanking heavens above that tomorrow we would be leaving home.
It still took me a couple of beers in the morning to get used to the notion of accompanying my skin-naked friend to the beach. Do not get me wrong, I am not a Mrs. Grundy -if I had a body like Tashas, why, Id expose it on every occasion! So I think comprehending how much hotter she looked with her wonderful palpable tits and toned butt was becoming to me in a way. A fantastic thing though that I was able to shrug it off and have a few genuinely great time in the business of my friend at the end of the day!
But on top of everything, Tashas squash playmates were assumed to have a day off their sparring and may join us on the beach as early as forenoon. I was not at all convinced at how they would take Tashas nudity -to me it was asking for trouble and being thoroughly provocative.
The first thing Tasha did when we came to the shore that day was taking off her swimsuit top, just like she did a day before that. As usual, she turned heads of a dozen of guys that were enjoying a Sunday afternoon within our proximity. My friend, however, didn’t appear as courageous as she had the day before; it wasn’t too long before she started nagging me to take off at least my top. She was going on and on about me being all blind folded and narrow minded, but that wasnt a furtive earth to plow. What eventually got me was the manner Tasha said that to her I seemed hot. Damn it girl, – she said, – Youre way hotter than I am, what are you so darn conscious about?! To say that these words got me by surprise is to say naught of it.
For starters, my thighs are on the fatter side and an object of my lifetime displease together with the way I appear; my breasts could be more considerable, too, but one thing I can say for them is that they’re nicely shaped. I ‘ve an hourglass figure that I know a lot of men take for an eye candy, but http://wildnudists.com guess thats about it.
Oh well what can I say, another beer -and I was game When I dismissed my bikini top I felt like my very nerves were denuded. But against my worst expectations, nobody got to pointing fingers at me or sneering; more than that, after that day one of Tashas buddies complimented me on the shape of my breasts.
Tasha lost her bikini bottom as soon as I took off my top; the two of us made the conversation of the shore.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I wasn’t that fond of young russian nudism though -surely this feeling did not let me relax till the rest of the day, and when Tashas team mates came along I felt completely embarrassing. But this encounter brought me the understanding of what nudists see in this pastime -surely it takes a special place to be naked with the nature around you and a crowd of soulmates. Perhaps someday I’ll endeavour it again!