My first public bare expericence was on vacation in Mallorca.

My girlfriend and I had been staying in a lovely low rise beach side hotel on the south of the isle and had a great weekdriving round the island discovering new towns and seashores It was our last day and we decided to stay local to the hotel and take a walk along the shore. It was vey hot in the late 80’s. We walked about half a mile past two other big hotels until the shore was backed by sand dunes. We carried on a few hundred yards more and then dropped our bags and towels. It was a beauiful area with gold sand, a clam sea and in the heavens.
I was soon stripped down to my shorts and my girlfriend to her bikini bottoms, (she always sunbathed topless). After using generous levels of suntan lotion we settled down to sunbath. The beach was abandoned and we felt like the only two souls for miles. We chatted away for a little while and then the conversation moved on to how tanned we’d got over the past week and comparing the white marks around our waists.
My girlfriend said it looked absurd how we’d walk around bare all the time at home and yet we covered up when we swam and sun bathed. She proposed that I try slipping off my shorts as there was no one around.

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This was amazing because I had always thought about it but was never certain how exactly to introduce the idea to my girlfriend. The finally choice was made that we’d both go naked on the beach there and then. We had a quick look about and then undressed.
Well what a releif, you can not beleive the difference, the feeling of the sun and the wind was amazing and we both agreed we should have done this at the start of the holiday and not on the last day.
It didn’t take long for us to get in the water, another exceptional and pleasurable experience, we swam about for a while and the my girlfriend left me to do some snorkling still entirely naked and loving it.
A couple of hours after we saw a couple approaching along the sand in the distance. We were not quite sure what to do so we set baked and feigned not to see. They need to have walked passed us and they settled down about 50 yards further along the seashore.
They were in there early 20’s, they set out there towels and were obviously interested in the undeniable fact that we were sunbathing naked. She was topless with string bikini bottoms and he wore Speedos. After a while I was getting so hot that I needed to return in the ocean, I decided just to behave normal and walk to the waters edge with only and goggles.
I felt fairly positive after a while and went in and out of the water several times but my girlfriend stayed on the beach, still bare but reading.
A bit later on the couple along the beach took to the water, they were splashing around and generally having a great time, it was soon obvious that they had removed their swim suits while in the water and were now nude themselves. It must have been their first time as well because their tan lines were as poor as ours. They too spent the rest of the afternnon nude and even played beach tennis for a little while. I feel good that even though we did not discuss we must have given them some assurance to try it out, I just expect they’d another week to appreciate it.
On the way back we walked nude until we could see the sunbeds and some folks from the very first resort. It was a wonderul experience, one that we’ve repeated many times since.

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