First allow me to say what a great website. As a 47 y.o. man in the UK it’s fascinating to read that many

of the younger posters have had a much more educated upbringing than was the standard in my day as regards . Hopefully the day when public nudity becomes more satisfactory is bringing nearer! My first experiences being naked were in the 60’s, the personal independence recommended by the “counter culture” was like a challenge to the establishment at a time when there clearly was a considerably more oppressive moral “code” as to what was socially acceptable.
Always being one to challenge the establishment I viewed nudity as an extension of the political and social attitudes I held. More individuals were prepared to be bare in public as a form of protest and I increasingly came to think of clothing as another kind of oppression. (At was likewise a signifier of class.) I first began going bare “in secret” during holidays when no one was around, I guess I still felt there was something “perverse” about it, however there was likewise an elation of feeling more in tune with nature without clothing about it than just adolescent rebellion.
It was not until I was in my twenties I ran into societal nudity. I stumbled across a naturist beach one day and it absolutely was a kind of life changing moment. It took seconds to get out of my clothes, but this was quite different to any textile beach I Had ever been to – instead of having your own small space and no intereaction with anyone else this was really friendly, folks would come and chat and there was no feeling of discomfort about it. There was also no differentiation of class, there were people from various backgrounds but no societal barriers. There were men and women, singles and couples, gay and straight, and you believed you could talk to anybody.
The one apparent missing group was younger individuals. Although there were families with young kids there were no teens or 20’s, all the adults were pretty much middle aged or older. Since then I spend as much time as possible nude, have eventually become a routine beach goer, went near the shore and arrange my work so I can be on the shore as frequently as possible (not as often as I Had enjoy thanks to our climate). I’ve likewise shaved all body hair as it feels so much pleasanter and manages a more even tan. My best friends are naturists and I Have met some great people at various beaches and on the internet.
There are some favorable changes from my early days, there are more younger people from the missing age group at shores these days. More non naturists appear more tolerant of naturists, as well as the internet has turned into a great forum to swap thoughts.
Unfortunately however it is apparently taking ages for attitudes to change, there are still too many who see us as perverts or link nudity with sex. Our media still sees naturism with the same type of “naughty postcard” image and advertisements still uses nudity to sell products. Things are slowly changing though and it is nice to see sites like this helping to alter attitudes. Keep up the great work.

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